I recently bought a hobby box of the Star Wars Rogue One: Mission Briefing trading card series from Topps. The base set covers important events surrounding the Death Star, including the final events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and moments through out the Star Wars film and television saga.

A pleasant surprise was finding the cards have a similar look and feel to older movie trading card sets like the Dick Tracy or Batman movies (which my brothers let me look at sometimes). Each of the Star Wars moments captured are framed in a classic mono-color border and, speaking as a layman, the card stock was glossy on the front and had that felty cardboard texture on the back. These cards are an obvious improvement from the classic style, with their somehow sleeker, smoother reverse sides.

Rogue One 10 Base + Cards

The trading card poster of the Rogue One: Mission Briefing base set.

It was interesting to discover that the set has continuity chase cards, which are found and combined into one set from the multiple Rogue One trading card series. I pulled two of these Darth Vader continuity cards.

Darth Vader in Rogue One

A Darth Vader Continuity Card

The foil chase set of the movie’s characters also looks great. I was happy to pull this card of Jyn Erso:

Jyn Erso Foil

A foil chase of Jyn Erso.

At first, in the flurry of wrappers and cards, I made the mistake of putting the horizontal base cards into an upright arrangement. It was not all that fun having to rearrange about half of the pages so that they would make sense, but it was worth it.

One thing that really made this hobby box buy worthwhile was getting the entire base set of cards with the one box (I cannot guarantee that is always the case). I have gotten sets before that take multiple hobby boxes to complete just the base cards, which makes completing the whole collection process seem less likely. A small set like Mission Briefing makes collecting much easier to do. Starting off with a complete base set makes the chase sets seem within grasp and bigger hits worth the chance.

At this point, I’m pleased with what one hobby box got me. I might pick up another in the future in the hope of pulling the complete set that goes with the card below of Baze Malbus. I love the art of it, capturing the Rogue One crew. I am interested, though, in pulling together more of the Darth Vader continuity cards from Rogue One series 1 and 2 hobby boxes. The base cards I have seen online look like great movie trading cards and I am curious to see what level of inserts will make up the hit count. 

Blaze Malbus Chase Card

A Rogue One chase set card featuring Blaze Malbus

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