I have had the Move and a handful of compatible games for some time now, and I keep developing more enthusiasm for playing them with MOVEment (ha see what I did there?). I have noticed that most people stand with the motion controller like stiff boreds (sp on purpose), which is the opposite of what I do.

When I get down on some Sports Champions 2, oh I get down.

Knees bent, core in check, arms and shoulders, all moving in syncopation with a given game scenario. Plus good music. 

Paying attention to a set rhythm of an upbeat song keeps my movements steady and active. It is almost impossible to defy upbeat music. The popularity of dance games is proof to how intoxicating music can be.

Here are some examples of what I mean by being active with MOVEment:

In the wild West levels of The Shoot, I walk a few steps forward and back like I’m a saddle sore cowboy. Really, it is single left of right foot steps in a parallel stance.

In Sports Champions 2 tennis, I switch between left and right foot forward stances depending on where the ball has been hit on my side of the court. For bowling, all manner of underhand throws are welcome.

In Mediaeval Moves, I use a little bit of all of them.

-Sword fighting takes from archery, tennis, and boxing, being played in forward stances.

-Archery, generally, has a forward stance based on right or left handed controls.

-Throwing stars can be more creative, but they mostly requires moves used in bowling, frisbee (If you have S.C. 1), and tennis. All of which require sport specific movement.

Using MOVEment can make game system receptivity low and inaccurate, but, with a little effort, a zone of play can be determined and some restraints placed on game actions which result in a good work out and an on point motion gaming experience. 

Playstation Eye for the PS 3

The mounted Playstation Eye for the Playstation 3.

Playing tennis, I both have to hold back on wide sweeping swings on my right side because of a wall and keep from stepping too far backward into the couch when catching a ball past the far line. Even in an ideal open space, the cone like view of the Playstation Eye has to be considered.

Exercise games, which I will have you know I definitely tried, really do get my body to do the work you would find in a gym, there is no doubt. To me, though, exercise has never seemed like play and play has never seemed to have been much like exercise. I don’t care so much about a correct number of repetitions for the sake of body building. Man, I just want to mess around and get some points or some cool unlocks!

I don’t want to beef out so much as geek out.


For a fun and heart racing time, I definitely go for my favorite motion games before a trip to a gym.


Laym out!

I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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