Growing up, I had easy access to video games. There wasn’t much in the way of arcades in the area, but my family kept up with the consoles.

My introduction to gaming was on a computer at home that worked off 8 inch floppy disks. Soon after, I fought for time on the NES and Sega Genesis. When I got to high school, the house Playstation was all mine, my brothers having gone off to college and career. The first game I really fell in love with was Call of Duty: World at War. As I remember, there wasn’t much questioning about me playing a war game because I had been playing with Nerf guns since I could stand with a six slinger. From the outset, the game brought me a sense of history and environmental information.

World at War would become Modern Warfare and I was hooked with the worm already in my belly. The feeling of gaining a sense of the past was replaced with immediacy. The battlefields weren’t the Nazi bunkers and subjugated European towns of my grandparents’ time, I was entering game environments of contemporary conflicts that people I know were fighting.

I fell into Assassin’s Creed for the cinematic gameplay one dones with careful manipulation of the camera and the seemingly mystical reasons for the fighting.

Aside from my occasional return or expedition into new first and third person shooters (Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a favorite), I play motion activated games on my Playstation 3 Move set up.

My parents had gotten a Wii for family get togethers and to stream Netflix so I had the chance to play the basic Wii games along with Call of Duty: Black Ops. Again, CoD reeled me in. Point and shoot gameplay hadn’t really been in the house since the early days of NES and Sega, and to have it play accurately and in three dimensional environments was nearly a revelation.

Off to college and the Playstation Move was my jam. Yes, in case you were wondering, there has been a little Just Dance in the mix. Mostly, though, my attentions have stayed locked on Medieval Moves, The Shoot, and Sports Champions 2. I’ll talk more about my motion gaming experiences later.

Video games entered my life at a really young age, and I don’t think I will ever give them up. Although I imagine a hiatus if I have kids or something in my professional life takes a wild turn, but for the most part I will always pick up a console controller (or whatever the tech might be) and play a few rounds every now and then. Before life gets too serious, I’m happy to burn a weekend completing a campaign and showing a thing or two on multiplayer. It’s a fun weekend.

I may play old systems and games (though with eyes on the newest tech) and I may not play them every day, but I love them, dammit, and I’m damn sure they love me. 

Laym out!

I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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