Curious about how Cable’s out of the ordinary life, one symbolic of the X-Men in his single personage, I looked back into the 90’s and landed myself at The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix. 

The series begins with the recently married Jean Grey and Scott Summers having been transported from their tropical beach honeymoon to a distant future that is in dire danger.

Scott Summers and Jean Grey

Classic Fleer Ultra X-Men trading card pair of Cyclops and Phoenix

Inexplicably, they find themselves sucked into a future where Apocalypse has found his victory over the earth, and so rules a world of genetic segregation and genocide.

Nathan Christopher Summers, son of Scott and Jean, sort of*, is only a boy, still learning how to use his telekinetic and telepathic abilities. While Nathan fights the techno-organic virus that ravages his body and mind, for eight years Redd and Slymm aid in the rebellion against the tyrannical El Sabah Nur, whose plans for continued domination include a clone of Nathan Summers, known as Stryfe.

Cable and Cyclops

Father and Son

Phoenix in her 1994 Marvel Flair Annual PowerBlast


Will Apocalypse’s plans for eternal domination come to fruition?

Will Cable ever come to be?

It was in these comics that I first saw the young Nathan “Cable” Summers and his evil clone, Stryfe. Seeing the young pair made it clear that what differentiates the two began with the influences of Cyclops Phoenix for Nathan, and Apocalypse for Stryfe. There is then one who fights to protect his family and another who kills for personal satisfaction.

Together, these characters make a fan favorite duality of self symbol—there is one who is physically “pure” and another who is “flawed.” The differences between them play out in the classic struggle from the 90’s and continue into Messiah War

Greatest Battles: Cable and Stryfe

Nathan Summers fights his evil clone Strfye, who was raised by En Sabh Nur himself.


Find the first four comics of the 1994 Cyclops and Phoenix series here


A panel from The Adentures of Cyclops and Phoenix

Cyclops (Slymm) and Phoenix (Redd) with Cable in a dystopian future.

* Nathan’s mother is actually a clone of Jean Grey made by Mr. Sinister. Her name is Madelyn Pryor. Regardless, Jean loves Nate as her son.

I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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