I started with comic book trading cards when I was a kid. I had older brothers who mostly collected baseball and football cards so I picked up some things from them but could keep to myself with my sets of Marvel.



Iron Man chase card from 1995 Marvel Flair Annual–Power Blast

I collected Marvel Fleer and Flair series back then. I remember loving the art work and the sense of completion when a chase set finally came together.

This has to be my favorite of the 6 card Spider-Man series called Maximum Carnage:


Spider-Man with great coloring.

DSC07188 copy 2

Super nasty, Venom.

Comic book trading cards were more interesting to me than baseball cards with players mid-swing or portraits with statistics. I fell into the still frames of the comic universe’s narrative action through amazing attention to form, color, and character detail.

Coming from a multiverse of comic book myth and lore, trading cards are portraitures and landscapes that display back stories, chance meetings, and symbols that define comic book culture.

Below, Scott ‘Cyclops’ Summers and Jean ‘Phoenix’ Grey, known in a future timeline as Redd and Slym, fight their way through the future in which Cable, Nathan Dayspring Summers, is born and raised.


Redd and Slym in a future where Apocalypse rules and the Askani rebel.




Here, Cable battles with his literal evil twin, Stryfe. To me, these characters represent a life long battle that takes place in the ego, where decisions and actions are made.

I keep going today because there are times when comic books make a hell of a lot more sense than anything else. I get burnt out watching the movies or I get tired of reading books for answers. I like to see things come to fruition in imaginative ways. I like to see what a character has gone through and how it relates to what I’ve been reading or thinking about.

How many times have you heard about famous philosophers ending up in comic books? There is a wealth of knowledge in these myths, and for me, trading cards are a way to stay connected to that.

I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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